Friday, 4 November 2011

Why a blog about personalized learning?

Much has been written about the future of education and how schools must adapt to meet the needs of a future that is evolving rapidly. Sir Ken Robinson has perhaps been the most eloquent (and entertaining) voice in this regard. Our hope in starting this blog is to narrow the focus of this dialogue and talk specifically about how schools can move away from the traditional, one-size-fits-all, industrial model that Robinson and others reference to a more customized approach to education.

At Greenwood, we refer to our customized approach as personalized learning. I believe the term was first used by David Hargreaves in the U.K. More recently, the Ministry of Education in British Columbia announced its new personalized learning plan. Like educators in B.C. and educators throughout the world, we are interested in looking at why the “what, how, when and where” aspects of learning need to change to meet the needs of all students, but more importantly, to fully prepare students to thrive in the so-called new world order.

Other members of our teaching staff will be contributing to this blog and sharing how they are using personalized learning in their classes. Our hope is that educators and non-educators with an interest in the future will join the dialogue and build a global community of educators dedicated to a new way of thinking.

Allan Hardy

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