Thursday, 28 March 2013

Blended Learning Beyond Greenwood

As an alumna of Queen’s University, I recently received their annual appeal in the mail.  Each year the appeal tells alumni about an initiative that needs support in hopes of generating interest and thus donations from its alumni.  The appeal this year described the blended learning initiative that has begun in undergraduate courses at Queen’s.

As I read the appeal, I was pleased to see that Queen’s approach to blended learning is similar to ours at Greenwood.  Their  focus is to use technology to enrich the classroom experience.  They emphasize that redesigning courses into the blended learning model is not meant to be a cost-saving measure, but a way of using resources more effectively.  This will allow more contact with the instructor even in high-demand courses.

The reasons given by Queen’s University for moving some courses to a blended learning approach reinforces that we are moving in the right direction with our academic program at Greenwood.  Similar to Greenwood, Queen’s is using a blended approach  to increase student engagement and create a learning environment that is interactive and dynamic.  Additionally, we both recognize that a blended approach is the future direction of teaching and learning.

Heather Thomas
Director of Personalized Learning

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