Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rally Days: They're About More than Fun

Greenwood's Arts and Postsecondary Visit Day, held on October 10, was our first "rally day" of the year. Rally days are about more than fun: they broaden student interests and passions beyond the classroom, and they enhance the vibrant sense of community that is key to our personalized approach to education.

Each grade's rally day experience was slightly different, based on their needs and interests. Students in Grades 7-9 stayed at Greenwood, participating in a variety of workshops with visiting artists and exploring elements of the arts outside the curriculum. Grade 10 students participated in a full-day, teambuilding workshop at The Second City, while our senior students selected two universities or colleges within Ontario to visit in order to gain some exposure to life and learning after high school.

What does a rally day look like in action? Check out the Arts Day photos below!

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