Monday, 9 December 2013

Reading & Writing: Grade 7 Students Personalized By Readiness

Since August, the Grade 7 English teachers have worked collaboratively to ensure personalized learning is delivered in our classrooms on a regular basis. We used the first unit, a novel study, to assess our students’ reading and writing abilities and to get to know each student as a learner.

In September, the students began reading Fighting For Dontae, a novel about a young boy living in an impoverished area of southern California. Throughout the unit there were various reading comprehension quizzes and paragraph writing exercises, as well as letter writing in role. We did ongoing assessments in preparation for unit 2. Based on each student’s demonstrated skill level, we then personalized their reading comprehension abilities and written expression.

Fast forward to unit 2, which began last week. Unit 2 looks at forms of writing. Students have begun learning about narrative and expository pieces. With the information we gathered about each student in unit 1, we are now able to personalize their reading and writing tasks to suit their individual needs and readiness.

The first task was to practice writing a narrative story. Students were all given different scenarios/story starters, from our observations and assessments from unit 1. This allows students who need extra support and structure to receive it, while stretching students who are ready to move forward.

Personalized learning has helped tremendously in the Grade 7 English classroom as students are feeling confident, and working towards their potential.

Michelle Lieberman

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