Friday, 3 October 2014

Enriching the Physical Education Program through New Ideas

Opening students' eyes to new experiences and understandings of physical activity, regardless of ability, helps to enrich the physical education experience, according to Greenwood teacher Cara Pennington.

The Grade 7 physical education students at Greenwood College School engage in a unique opportunity to explore different areas of physical education.

The students take a field trip to Variety Village, a Toronto facility that promotes a variety of physical activities, regardless of your ability. This facility is known for the physical activity programs it provides for individuals with diverse abilities ranging from physical to cognitive restrictions.

While at the Village, Greenwood students are exposed to a range of adapted activities, such as sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball and pillow polo, as well as simple adaptations to commonly played games such as dodgeball and obstacle courses. Students not only gain an appreciation for the physical strength required for some of these activities, but they also develop an understanding of the multitude of different ways that people can be physically active regardless of their ability.

It is truly an enriching and challenging day for our students as they try out new activities, modify old activities and push their boundaries in a whole new realm of physical activity. Some students are able to step outside of their comfort zone as they learn to run track as a visually impaired student might do, or learn to play basketball without the use of their legs.


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