Friday, 23 October 2015

Creating Modules and Personalized Tasks In Career Studies

During Greenwood’s Summer Institute, Liz Branscombe, Lisa West and I worked together to reevaluate the Career Studies course content and program structure. We quickly found that the vast majority of the curriculum was current and valuable to students’ learning experience; however, we identified opportunities to enhance the delivery of the course. For example, we divided three units into eight modules, each having a specialized focus to allow for more specific teacher instruction and greater student exploration within each topic. 

We collaborated to look at the program from a student perspective, adding personalized elements accordingly. In the Preparing for Postsecondary Education module, students had previously worked in small groups to investigate and present to the whole class about one postsecondary option of interest. The reformed program has students working independently to investigate their top postsecondary choice. They will then present to small groups of individuals that have expressed an interest in that particular postsecondary option. This change will inform and engage students in presentations of postsecondary institutions in which they are directly interested. 

Jamie Lester
Careers, Civics, and Health & Physical Education Teacher

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