Friday, 3 February 2017

Focusing on Fitness and Sharpening Skills: Volleyball/Basketball Specialist Course

One class per week is dedicated to conditioning, while another focuses on students'
sport of choice.

When we say our new volleyball/basketball specialist course is intensive, we mean it.

Greenwood students have a high level of interest in these two sports, and this new course reflects that interest. Through this course, students not only sharpen their setting, bumping, and  dribbling skills, they also significantly increase their overall physical fitness. Carla DiFilippo and Elanna Robson are two of Greenwood’s most accomplished coaches and athletes. Carla runs the volleyball portion of the course, while Elanna teaches basketball.

How does the course run?

One class per week is dedicated to conditioning, with increasing vertical jump and power - skills highly applicable to both sports - a major focus. A sample workout is:

  • 30 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible of the following three exercises:
    • 200 skips
    • 15 goblet squats (squatting while holding a weight against your chest)
    • 12 one-arm snatches per arm

Another class is devoted to students’ sport of choice. Carla and Elanna work with students to strengthen both the individual and collaborative technical skills that will take them to the next level in volleyball and basketball.  

Teachers Carla DiFilippo (left) and Elanna Robson are two of Greenwood's
most accomplished athletes and coaches.

After March Break, students shift focus to three other areas: Ultimate, rugby and personal fitness. Again, our teachers for these units have significant expertise in their sports: Carla leads the Ultimate unit; Elanna teaches personal fitness; and Jamie Lester, Greenwood’s senior coach and a former professional rugby player, teaches rugby. As with all PHE courses, health education is a compulsory component. Students complete their health units in a self-paced online format.

What do students think?

Carla and Elanna knew that this course would be demanding, but their students have proven throughout the year that they’re up to the challenge. According to Ms. D. “Everyone who signed up came ready to work and they have given it their all in every class.”

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