Friday, 7 April 2017

The Perfect Spot

No matter what kind of social space our students are looking for - loud or quiet, in the thick of the action or slightly secluded - our expanded building has it.

It’s lunchtime, and a group of Grade 7 students is gathered near the reception area. They’ve pulled several couches and soft chairs into a circle and they’re chatting happily as they eat.

When asked what they like about this spot, they’ve got lots to say.

“It’s a bit quieter than it is right near the cafeteria,” one student says. “We find it easier to talk as a big group here.”

“We love all the natural light,” chimes in another. “And the chairs are so comfortable!”

Our Lodge has long been the social hub of the school, and it’s still as popular as ever. But when it comes to social spaces, students want - and need - options. Some days the buzz of the Lodge is just what they need, while on other days a bench near the window is what they’re looking for. Our new facilities give students the freedom to find a social space that fits their disposition and allows them to build friendships with their peers.

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