Friday, 26 January 2018

Student Survey of Teachers

Asking students to share their opinion is one way of giving students ownership of their learning. This feeling of empowerment is an important part of a progressive education. In December and May of each school year, we have all of our students complete a survey developed by Panorama Education for each of their classes. The questions on this survey measure student perceptions of teaching and learning.
Teachers receive a comprehensive online report which allows them to examine the results from many perspectives. They can also track their progress in various areas over the year and from year to year. In recent weeks, our Centre for Teaching and Learning staff have helped our staff reflect on their results and use this process to develop goals for the second half of the year. This process benefits students as it allows teachers to alter approaches so that all students are engaged in learning.

We can also view these results from a whole-school perspective, which helps us to tweak our annual school goals. Doing so, has enabled us to adjust some of our upcoming Wednesday PD sessions for teachers and provide them with customized learning opportunities relevant to their survey results.  Customized learning is not only good for students, it also benefits teachers.

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