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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Learning the Fundamentals of Digital Media

Using digital tools to communicate is an important part of a 21st Century education.  At Greenwood, one of the ways students learn this type of communication is through participation in our digital arts classes.
In Grade 7, students are introduced to fundamental digital programs, such as Photoshop. By designing assignments like “Create Your Dream Meal” students learn how to use the tools in this program (and learn a little bit about healthy eating habits!)

The course is designed so students can work at an individual pace. However, when they need expert advice, the teacher is able to provide timely one-on-one support.

Before submitting their completed meal, students use the success criteria for this assignment to self-assess or get feedback from a peer and complete any necessary refinements.

By connecting technology with the process of learning, students engage in a meaningful design experience.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Fostering Creativity with Smart Design

"It's an excellent space for supporting different modes of teaching," says media arts
teacher Marcio Sargento.

When it comes to creating an amazing digital media lab, technology is only part of the puzzle. The thoughtful design of our new media arts space plays just as big a role in fostering students’ creativity.

The media lab is equipped with everything a filmmaker or media artist might need: 22 iMacs loaded with Adobe Suite, three flat-screen monitors, a wide-format printer, a high-fidelity sound system and a soundproof recording and editing suite. However, it’s the design of the room that allows students to take full advantage of these tools.

“It’s an excellent space for supporting different modes of teaching,” says media arts teacher Marcio Sargento. “We can have a teacher-led lesson at the front of the room, individual work in the middle of the room and small groups at the back, all in one period.”

The digital media lab's 22 iMacs are equipped with Adobe Suite.

Film teacher Doug Brown agrees. “The long layout of the space, along with portable whiteboards, allows us to execute multiple lessons in the same room based on student needs.”

Collaboration is key in courses that facilitate the creative process, and students need ample opportunity to bounce ideas off of their classmates and provide constructive feedback on each other’s work. The openness of the new lab gives students the freedom to move around and gather as needed, and to break into small groups. And with three projection screens spread throughout the classroom, students have the ability to see lessons from every part of the room.

Grade 12 student Amelia used the media lab to create this "Day of the Dead" illustration.

Though students and teachers love the light-filled room, it’s sometimes necessary to block out natural light to deliver an effective lesson. With this in mind, motorized blackout blinds were installed to allow for control over the space when film students are learning about advanced lighting techniques.

The new media lab presents endless possibilities, and we look forward to seeing what our students create!